A 360 degree approach to Total Sustainability Management (TSM)

Or: How you can holistically integrate sustainability into your company without turning everything upside down.

For the [sustain] SOLUTIONS team, sustainability is a concept that can make your company more crisis-proof, more successful in the long term and more attractive for employees. Our focus is on holistic advice and support of entrepreneurs and companies who implement innovative concepts through strong networking and circular thinking and position themselves more sustainable.

In our consulting approach, we use the TSM Compass to combine current knowledge and concepts for you with direct action impulses for your company. This will enable you to become sustainable and more successful step by step in all entrepreneurial areas.

In the age of people, planet, profit (3P), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business ethics (BE), sustainability management is becoming complex. The TSM-Compass makes it easier to get started with sustainability management and, with its four quadrants, integrates these aspects and simplifies them so that actions can be derived. This enables you to position your company holistically and more sustainable. You always have an overview and our simple monitoring shows you whether you are on course and where you need to make further adjustments.