Our approach is the support of companies in sustainability and communications. We have been active in various fields of management consulting since 1989 and have extensive experience in supporting companies in challenging situations.

Right now companies have to act quickly and must not allow themselves any avoidable mistakes – let us help you in your projects! We support you in developing the right strategy and in the following operational fields:


  • Consulting in sustainability management
  • Development of your sustainability strategy with the TSM-COMPASS
  • Development of a code of conduct
  • Implementation of workshops and trainings in the field of sustainability management
  • Structure and organization of your sustainability department
  • Takeover of interim sustainability management
  • Development and, if necessary, control of sustainability projects
  • Setup and introduction of your sustainability reporting
  • Support and auditing of your sustainability efforts

Do we already understand sustainability holistically or do we only deal with the ecological aspects?

How is entrepreneurial and economic success related to sustainable thinking?

What steps can we take to make ourselves more sustainable without disrupting the entire business?

What role do we play as a company in society?

How do we feel about social and ecological issues?

How can we use sustainability positively for ourselves?


  • Brand Consulting
  • Brand development and repositioning
  • Strategic planning of your online marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing and storytelling
  • Development and implementation of websites, collaboration platforms, team platforms
  • Advice and development of your internal and external company communication
  • Search engine optimization

Performing sustainable digital marketing means a fundamental change in marketing and corporate communication.

From monologue to dialogue, from spreading messages to interaction and collaboration with the target groups.

New target groups emerge, such as words that are briefly used in searches on Google.

Reputation becoming THE value for companies – built over long time and distroyed in seconds.

Old demographic considerations of the target groups are becoming obsolete and are being replaced by affinity-related considerations.

Online platforms offer a vast spectrum of possibilities, evaluations and contexts – we know which of them are relevant for you.

We are your guides and coaches for your management challenges. Together with you, we will set up your transformation roadmap and, with our more than 30 years of experience, guide and coach you through your upcoming change process.


[sustain]SOLUTIONS is a company that is run as a collective. We are currently around 20 specialists in a wide variety of areas and form small teams for each project task that develop optimal solutions for our customers. Our team has been very successful for many years in the areas of:

  • Sustainability Management
  • Digital Branding
  • Online Communications
  • Digitalization & Transformation
  • Project Management (agile and classic)

Our company goes back to 1989, when the founder Michael Ruhe – while still a student – programmed test software for the Ariane booster program of MAN Technologie AG. Since that time he has been active in the field of digital transformation and project management.

In the 1990s, through engagements in various international publishing houses, the topics of brand management and online marketing were added, and finally in the 2000s, through a consulting contract from the University of Zurich, the topic of sustainability management.


We have extensive references on large and small clients from over 200 projects over the past 30 years. If you want to get to know us, we would be happy to put together a selection for you – please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here are some highlight projects from the past 30 years in which we were allowed to participate:

since 2022

Digitization and transformation of a group of restaurant businesses with the aim of achieving zero food waste and sustainable management, especially in relation to purchasing and employee management.

2019 – 2021

Together with the design office Capitale in Berlin and Vienna brand relaunch, naming, corporate redesign and development of a new positioning of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Science

2014 – 2016

Brand development, naming, corporate design and website development as well as conception and implementation of all analog and digital measures for the Schmittwerke in Bischofsheim.

2012 – 2016

Brand relaunch, naming, corporate redesign and development of new digital touch points (website, Xing, etc.) as well as corporate communication for medium-sized tax consultancy, auditing and legal advice Leinauer Müller und Partner. Awarded an iF Award 2014

2012 – 2013

Project management and content-related project responsibility for the brand relaunch of BAW (Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing). Redevelopment of the entire digital and analog brand identity, corporate design and strategic reorientation of communication.

2009 – 2010

Project management for the digital implementation of a brand turnaround from the then Hypo Real Estate to the Deutsche Pfandbriefbank. Development of the digital aspects of brand management and communication e.g. through website and intranet. Details are confidential.

2007 – 2008

Project coordinator for the management board of Axel Springer AG in the development of Autobild Espana with online and print editorial, business unit, website, etc … Our role: ongoing coordination and coordination of all activities between the Springer management board in Berlin and the Autobild publishing management in Hamburg and the Spanish publishing office in Madrid and the international project team.

2006 – 2008

Interim CIO / CTO for Discovery Germany and technical project management for the development and launch of DMAX. Our role: Project management and project management for the development of the office infrastructure as well as all broadcast planning, marketing, broadcast processing, reporting and billing systems for the operation of DMAX and the expansion of the German branch from 35 to 120 employees.

2005 – 2006

Project management for Blue Order AG in Kaiserslautern as part of a major project for the Dutch company Beeld en Geluid. The content was the creation of the largest digital moving image archive in Europe at the time with 2 petabytes of storage under the general contractor of Sony Europe. Blue Order was the largest of 16 subcontractors at the time, as BO’s system was the central control and administration system of the media archive. Our role: Sub-project management for the part of BO and in this function member of the project management for the overall project.

2002 – 2006

Development and introduction of an e-government service for applying for work and residence permits for the Office for Economy and Labor of the Canton of Zurich. Our role in it: Interim project management or “Alter Ego” of the business development agency of the Canton of Zurich and project management of the overall project for the commissioned external companies (PWC Switzerland and others).

1994 – 1996

Development and introduction of a new accounting system for the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists with what was then the first extranet in the health sector. Our role in it: Business analysis and software conception for the accounting system and, together with other people, project management of the entire project.

Awards and prices

Awards are earned by teams only. We are proud to have been part of:

visionaward 2018 for www.eyecandylab.com

IF Communications Award, 2014, www.lmat.de

During our time with KMS Team:

IF Communications Award, nominee, 2011, www.bauwerk.de

Annual Multimedia Year Book, 2011, www.bauwerk.de

Annual Multimedia Year Book, 2011, www.amtbiopharma.com

red dot communication design award, 2011, www.bauwerk.de

TDC New York, 2011, www.amtbiopharma.com

From earlier times:

Best of Swiss Web Award 2004, www.arbeitsbewilligungen.zh.ch