The economic advantages of holistic, sustainable corporate management are the subject of numerous studies. For more than 20 years, these studies have shown that the profitability of sustainable companies is higher in the long run than that of non-sustainable companies. In view of current crises, the question also arises as to whether sustainability creates advantages in overcoming crises.

The Fraunhofer Institute, along with many other research institutions, has been investigating this question and is publishing a current study with lots of tips in the white paper on the study: reports/20211202-resyst- whitepaper-presents-solutions-for-resilience.html

Another reason not only to pursue sustainability in the purely ecological aspects, but to approach it holistically. If companies focus only on the environmental aspects and ignore the approaches to more economic sustainability, costs and disadvantages in economic efficiency usually arise first. However, if you take a holistic approach, there are immediately positive aspects and positive economic development right from the start.

In short, tip no. 4 is: sustainability is doubly worthwhile, because it increases resilience and returns.